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Swim Lessons

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youth swim lessons

Coventry Parks and Recreation Department is excited to offer swim lessons at Briar Point Beach. These lessons will be tailored to each child's needs and will have a favorable ratio of 1 instructor for every 5 participants or less. The instructor is Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Certified, a lifeguard, and CPR/First Aid instructor.

The swim lesson program is designed to introduce and build swimming skills one step at a time. This process allows each participant to master each element before moving on to the next--allowing flexibility for participants to learn and progress at their own pace. 

What to Know and Bring- Participants must be accompanied by an adult at all times. While participants are in the water with an instructor, an adult MUST stay on the beach and near the lessons. Participants should bring a towel and be dressed in proper bathing attire by the start time of the lessons. 

Practice Outside of Lessons-
It is essential that participants practice their skills outside of class. The progression of participants varies and often depends on how often the skills are practiced outside of the lessons. Parents are encouraged to observe and ask questions. The average progression rate is one level per year.
Rain Outs and Absences- A rain date has been scheduled for August 20. Participants are expected to attend every class, as a new skill is introduced every class and time does not allow to individually teach participants what was missed. Refunds will not be given for missed classes.     

Parent & Child Class- This playful class is designed to introduce young children to the water and prepare them to participate in future swimming lessons. Parents and children will learn together holding and supporting techniques, floating, blowing bubbles, and rolling back to front in the water in a safe and comfortable manner. This course is not designed to teach kids how to swim or survive in the water on their own. A parent or guardian must accompany EACH child in the water in each class.

Level 1 - Introduction to Water- This class introduces participants to good swimming habits and will teach them how to safely be in the water while feeling comfortable.
Skills to be Taught: Common water safety rules, submerging mouth, nose, and eyes, retrieving submerged objects, opening eyes under water, and moving while the participant is positioned on the front or back using arms and legs. 

Level 2 - Fundamental Aquatic Skills- This class introduces participants to basic skills, including learning how to float without support and to recover to a vertical position. Participants must be able to fully submerge face in the water comfortably.
Skills to be Taught: Safely entering and exiting the water, confidently submerging entire head, blowing bubbles with open eyes, floating on front with face in the water unsupported and floating on back unsupported, changing direction of travel while paddling on front or back, and treading water.

Level 3&4 - Stroke Development and Improvement- This class builds on the skills taught in level 2 through additional guided practice in deeper water. This class is also available for participants that have a sound understanding of the skills listed below but are looking to improve upon level 3 skills through further instruction and guidance. 
Skills to be Taught: Bobbing to safety, rotary breathing, survival float and back float, changing from vertical to horizontal position on front and back, breaststroke kicks, front crawl, and elementary backstroke. 

Admission to Briar Point Beach
Participants will first check in with the gate attendant at the entry of Briar Point Beach. Admission will be free for those participating in swimming lessons on the day of swim lessons. Participants are welcome to stay at the beach for the remainder of the day.

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